Sanitary & Hygienic Brushes

Reduce the risk of bacterial migration and cross-contamination with sanitary and hygienic brushes. We supply a full line of Carlisle and Sparta sanitary and hygienic, color-coded brushes to the food and beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.

Brushes and cleaning tools must be very specialized in order to meet all of the unique requirements of the food and processing and food service industries. Brushes and cleaning tools are shaped and sized specially for certain foods, pipes, fittings and equipment used exclusively in the food processing and service environments. Proper bristle selection is also important. Longer bristles are more flexible, taking the same material in a smaller trimmed brush would create a tougher bristle. Maximum bristle tip contact to whatever surface and the proper bristle type for the surface to be cleaned is key. Proper selection is very important for making the cleaning and prepping process as easy and efficient as possible.

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Click the link below for information on Listeria and bacteria, the Harco/Sparta Spectrum Program, selecting the proper brush, and our color-coded product catalogue.

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Sanitary & Hygienic Brushes

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