Haynes Manufacturing, Harco, and Moovit Sanitary Lubricants

Harco offers various sprays and lubricants from Haynes, McGlaughlin Oil Company, and Moovit aswell as our very own CFIA approved sanitary spray. Our lubricants are blended from the highest quality ingredients, perform well in a wide range of applications and many of them are appropriate and safe for use in close proximity to foodstuffs.

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Haynes Manufacturing lubricant Sanitary lubricant
  • Haynes manufacturing lubricants - LubriFilm, Haynes 500, CIP film
  • Haynes Spray, Homogenizer Oil
  • Petrol Gel
  • C.I.P Lube
  • Moovit lubricants
  • Harco HL-7
  • Sanitary food-grade lubricants

Haynes manufacturing lubricant
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