Sanitary Valves

Reliable flow and the highest levels of hygiene are key to all dairy, food and beverage processes. We supply a wide variety of the highest quality sanitary valves to the dairy processing, food service and pharmaceutical industries from our wide range of suppliers including Alfa Laval, DeLaval, G&H, Crepaco, Burket, Waukesha and more. Designed to provide superior safety, efficiency and hygiene yet with low coast of ownersihip, our solutions enable you to deal with the full spectrum of your changing requirments.

  • Butterfly valves - manual or air-operated GHBV
  • Alfa Laval valves
  • G&H valves
  • Mixproof valves
  • Burkert valves
  • Waukesha valves
  • Cherry-Burrell valves and parts

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Sanitary valves from Alfa Laval, G&H, Burket, Waukesha and more.

Alfa Laval Mixproof Valve
Single Seat Valve rotor
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