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Ball Valves


Harco is now offering the Cipriana Harrison 52 Series Sanitary Ball Valves, the epitome of precision and reliability in stainless steel piping systems. These sanitary ball valves are crafted for optimal performance, providing seamless isolation in both manually and automatically operated applications.


Our 52 Series Sanitary Ball Valves from Cipriana Harrison are designed for deployment in stainless steel piping systems, where precision isolation is paramount. Whether operated manually or automatically, these valves excel in handling viscous or particulate liquids, thanks to their full port design with zero flow restriction.

Working Principle

At the heart of the Cipriana Harrison 52 Series Sanitary Ball Valve is a precision ball situated within the valve body, flanked by two PTFE valve seats. The valve’s operation is controlled by a 90-degree rotation of the stem, facilitated through a user-friendly handle or a pneumatic actuator. This rotation effectively opens or closes the valve, providing you with precise control over your system.

Standard Design

Crafted with quality and compliance in mind, our valves boast a construction comprising a valve body, two flanges, PTFE valve seats, EPDM O-Rings, ball, stem, and a handle or actuator. All seats and seals are meticulously fashioned from FDA-approved materials, ensuring the highest standards of safety and hygiene. And the valve body, flanges, and ball are forged from 316L and 304L stainless steel, guaranteeing a nonporous, smooth, and dimensionally stable build.

Performance Features

Cipriana Harrison’s 52 Series Ball Valves are engineered to maintain a full flow rate with minimal pressure drop, ensuring optimal efficiency. Its fully drainable design, coupled with a bottom entry precision machined stem featuring a live loaded PTFE thrust washer, guarantees smooth rotations under various temperature and pressure conditions. Additionally, purge ports are strategically placed on the valve body, facilitating easy Steam-in-Place (SIP) or Clean-in-Place (CIP) applications.

Available Sizes:

1”, 1.5”, 2”, 2.5”, 3”, 4”

  • Automatic operation by vertical/horizontal pneumatic actuator.
  • Electrical control unit with proximity switches and solenoid valve for remote operation.
End connections:

Sanitary Clamp, Butt-Weld, I-Line or others on request.


AISI 316L or AISI 304L

Handle Options:

90° Open / Close Universal (360°) Snapping

At Harco, we take pride in delivering excellence, and our 52 Series Sanitary Ball Valves from Cipriana Harrison exemplify the highest standards of quality and performance in sanitary applications. Trust Harco for precision, reliability, and innovation in every valve we offer.

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