About Harco Enterprises - Process and Supply Division

Harco offers a diverse line of sanitary and hygienic process equipment and supplies including pumps, valves, fittings, instrumentation and other parts from our wide range of suppliers including Alfa Laval, APV, Crepaco, G & H, Triclover, Tetra Pak, Strahman and more. These products are distributed to food and dairy processors, the food and beverage service, pharmaceutical, brewery and fisheries and other industries all over Canada and North America.

Many of our products are specialized in design due to strict sanitary and hygienic standards, and all are built to stand up to the demands of these high production environments. Resourcefulness and quick delivery are important to you, and Harco Enterprises always provides both.

Harco delivers market-leading products to clients quickly and cost-effectively with personalized customer service that keeps their clients coming back year after year.

Harco's commitment to exceeding the needs of it's varied client list is your peace of mind in knowing that when you work with Harco for your promotional plastics and sanitary equipment supply needs, you will be getting quality workmanship, customer care with experienced industry leaders.

Harco supply sanitary brushes Peruse our large collection of sanitary process equipment available.