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High Shear In-tank Mixing & Blending

Ampco’s High Shear In-tank JET-shear mixers are used to hydrate, dissolve, homogenize, disperse and emulsify products consistently and efficiently. It covers a wide range of applications in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The multiple interchangeable stainless steel work heads are designed for 3A and CIP.

Used in open and closed tanks, drums or totes, Ampco’s JET-shear in-tank mixer creates smooth consistent blends in tanks as large as 1,000 gallons/3785 liters.

The Ampco JET-shear mixers have propellers at the top and bottom of the work head that draws in material while centrifugal force moves the media out creating a mechanical shear. Reduce processing time, increase quality and consistency of the blend, and increase throughput with the Ampco JET-shear mixers.

Much more than an in-tank agitator, the Ampco JET-shear mixer is capable of creating emulsions under 10 microns.



Ampco JET-shear Features
  • Emulsion to less than 10 microns
  • Max volumes up to 1000 gallons
  • 316 stainless steel shaft
  • 304 stainless steel bearing frame
  • Multiple 316 stainless work head styles available
  • Work heads can be interchanged
  • Designed to 3A standards
  • CIP-able
  • Multiple mounting configurations
  • Multiple shaft lengths
  • Custom options available

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