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The Tetra Pak® Tubular Heat Exchanger has been successfully used by the liquid food industry for decades​. Combining straight and corrugated tubes, it offers optimal performance, long production time and low maintenance.

In the Tetra Pak® Tubular Heat Exchanger, the inner and outer tubes and the connections are floating, not fixed or welded. This allows for thermal expansion or contraction in the tubes without the risk of cracking. It eliminates the risk of product contamination (due to expansion cracking), enables the inspection of all parts, and secures easy exchangeability of parts.

Tetra Pak® Tubular Heat Exchanger’s frame, tubes and other parts are assembled in such a way as to allow for easy dismantling and rebuilding. This makes it possible to customize these tubular heat exchangers from Tetra Pak for different recipes and capacities and to run different products.

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