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Shell & Coil


Stainless Steel and Coil Heat Exchangers

Harco offers the JAD shell and coil heat exchangers from AIC. They are distinctly characterized by their angular connections, and by the concentric layers of helically corrugated tubes within the shell. This unique design optimizes the performance and heat transfer efficiency of the units.

The JAD stainless steel and coil heat exchangers angular connections accommodate smooth, gradual flow entrances and exits from the unit, reducing any sharp corners that can result in flow separation and where dirt buildup can occur.

These JAD stainless steel and coil heat exchangers are primarily designed for vertical installations and combined with their compact size; the JAD line heat exchangers can be installed in virtually any application where space is a constraint.

With this vertical configuration it has the advantage of being used as a condenser or evaporator for supporting changes of fluid phases within the unit (e.g., steam to liquid). The small footprint results in less installation space requirements and low installation costs.

The strength and durability of JAD shell and coil heat exchangers are due to their complete welded, stainless steel 316L material of construction. This allows for high pressure and temperature ratings on standard products, and ensures that the products are suited for the most demanding of applications.

JAD-Line Compact Vertical Heat Exchangers – Quality & Unique Fabrication


  • large heat transfer surface area within a compact space result in a highly efficient and effective system
  • complete SS316L welded construction ensures strength and durability of product
  • in reboiler applications design allows superheating of the steam
  • as a vapour condenser it sub-cools the condensate
  • coiled tube bundle and cascading connection angles prevent debris build-up, creating a self-cleansing effect


  • Compact footprint
  • Angular connections
  • Concentric layered coils
  • Helically coiled tube bundles
  • Small to large applications
  • H-Type for straight connections
  • Standard class flange or NPT connections
  • Easy to install in series or parallel

Shell & Coil Models are available in:

  • Smooth or corrugated tubes
  • H-Type: Straight, 90° angle connections

Maximum Working Pressure

  • Up to 300 PSI (2.07 MPa)

Maximum Working Temperature

  • Up to 422°F (216°C)

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