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Alfa Laval LKSF
Slot Strainer

The Alfa Laval LKSF Slot Strainer is a filter which separates solid matter from liquid that flows through it. The two options available are the Alfa Laval LKSF-BL and LKSF-CL slot strainers.

The LKSF from Alfa Laval has a wide range of applications within process filtering, especially where strainers of sanitary design are required. Such hygienic applications are across the dairy, food, beverage and brewery industries to protect equipment and product.

Both strainer types consist of a housing in three parts, LKSF-BL has housing in two parts (101.6 mm)(4”) in which the strainer element is placed.

The housing is assembled by clamps, (the upper clamp ring has a wing nut for manual operation) for quick dismantling for cleaning. The strainer element is fitted centrally in the housing and has direct access to the end cover of same where a welded-on handle facilitates dismantling when cleaning is required.

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