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DRY Hopping

DRY Hopping

The ROLEC DH units use an Ampco SBI blending pump to safely induce dry hop pellets, fruit, spices, coffee, cocoa nibs straight into the stream of beer, while recirculating the fermenter.

All three systems use carbon dioxide to eliminate oxygen from the hop chamber. Pellets can be induced into fermenting, finished, or crashed beer. The induced media is chopped to maximize the surface area, flavor and aroma.

ROLEC DH features:

  • 3 models: DH45/DH90/DH250
  • Pressurized tank with glass-top manway on the DH90 and DH250 allows for balancing
  • Fermenter pressures and visual monitoring
  • The DH45 is a lower cost, non-pressurized system designed for smaller craft breweries
  • Gauges and sight glasses aid the user in monitoring induction and pressures
  • Minimal dissolved oxygen (D.O. pick-up) less than 5 PPB
  • All components are sanitary and can be cleaned in place (CIP) (no additional CIP pump is required)
  • The fully-portable DH can be used on many fermenters and fits well in cramped cellars
  • Recirculation can be done as long as desired (3-4 fermenter turnovers are recommended)
  • Improved aroma and flavor profile, faster tank turnovers and safe, ground level induction

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