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DRY Hopping


The simplicity of the Ampco ROLEC DH Induction Systems means dry hopping just got safer and easier.

Harco presents the ROLEC DH Induction Systems, designed by Ampco Applied Products to cater specifically to craft brewers. These fully portable dry hopping units are powered by Ampco’s in-line SBI shear blending pumps and operate at ground level. Ampco’s ROLEC DH units provide an effective and portable solution for adding dry hop pellets to fermenting, finished, or crashed beer.

Utilizing the Ampco SBI blending pump, Ampco’s ROLEC DH units safely introduce dry hop pellets, fruits, spices, coffee, cocoa nibs, and other ingredients directly into the beer stream while recirculating the fermenter. Each system employs carbon dioxide to purge oxygen from the hop chamber. Pellets can be induced into fermenting, finished, or crashed beer. Chopping the induced media maximizes its surface area, enhancing both flavor and aroma.

The ROLEC DH45, ROLEC DH90, and ROLEC DH250 models provide small to large-scale breweries with a secure and efficient method for dry hopping and creatively infusing flavors into beer. They enable recirculation, simplify the addition of dry hops, and are easily transported or stored.

Not just for hop induction, these ROLEC DH units can be utilized to induce fruit, coffee, spices, nuts, honey, maple syrup and more. Induction options are limited only by the brewer’s creativity.

ROLEC DH features:Ampco Brand Brewery Products Catalog 2021
  • 3 models: DH45/DH90/DH250
  • Pressurized tank with glass-top manway on the DH90 and DH250 allows for balancing
  • Fermenter pressures and visual monitoring
  • The DH45 is a lower cost, non-pressurized system designed for smaller craft breweries
  • Gauges and sight glasses aid the user in monitoring induction and pressures
  • Minimal dissolved oxygen (D.O. pick-up) less than 5 PPB
  • All components are sanitary and can be cleaned in place (CIP) (no additional CIP pump is required)
  • The fully-portable DH can be used on many fermenters and fits well in cramped cellars
  • Recirculation can be done as long as desired (3-4 fermenter turnovers are recommended)
  • Improved aroma and flavor profile, faster tank turnovers and safe, ground level induction

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