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Filters and Strainers


At Harco, we offer a comprehensive range of filtration solutions that cater to various industries, ensuring versatile and cost-effective filtration for your specific needs. Our product lineup includes high-quality filters and strainers from renowned manufacturers like Alfa Laval, Rodgers, and Dixon. These products are designed to provide maximum application flexibility within the realm of process filtering, making them particularly valuable in applications where strainers of sanitary design are essential.

Our stainless-steel filters and strainers stand out as the ideal choice for sanitary processing applications across diverse sectors, including dairy, food, beverage, meat and poultry, pharmaceutical, and other hygienic industries. With a focus on quality, performance, and hygiene, our offerings from Alfa Laval, Rodgers, and Dixon ensure that your filtration needs are met with the utmost precision and efficiency. Trust Harco and our esteemed partners to deliver the filtration solutions that drive your processes forward.

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