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Tri-Clover® 700 Series Valves

The Alfa Laval Tri-Clover 700 Series is a range of air-operated single-seat valves that provide years of reliable performance, and have been installed for decades in various food, dairy and beverage plants across the U.S.

700 Series valves can be configured with either a short- or long-stroke actuator. The 761 valve has a flexible sanitary design, allowing it to be used in a wide range of applications, as a stop valve with two or three ports or as divert valve with three to five ports.

The valves feature a durable and dependable design with rugged plastic stem bushings, which eliminate metal-to-metal galling. In addition, the stem is threaded to the actuator shaft, eliminating the coupling between the stem and actuator, thereby ensuring proper alignment. Bushings at each end of the cylinder support stem also ensure perfect alignment. Finally, each valve features a heavy-duty bonnet and body ferrule design that will stand up to years of pounding from hydraulic shock.

Tri-Clover 700 Series valves are available in both long and short actuators, including a wide selection of shut-off and divert valves. Sizes range from 2 (50 mm) to 4 (102 mm), in normally opened or closed positions. Alfa Laval Tri-Clover 700 Series parts are also available.

Click here for more information about 700 Series Valves.

Click here for more information about 700 Series Valves.

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