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SolidC UltraPure Pumps


Harco offers the Alfa Laval SolidC UltraPure Centrifugal Pumps which are a standardized centrifugal pump design that is ideal for use in duties such as Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) and intermittent product pumping. Alfa Laval’s SolidC UltraPure pumps are designed to meet the stringent demands and regulations of high-purity applications across the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

SolidC UltraPure centrifugal pumps from Alfa Laval features ensure consistent performance as well as eliminating any risk of contamination. In-depth process knowledge has resulted in a design that avoids any crevices in which contamination might accumulate or bacterial growth can build up. This makes the SolidC UltraPure from Alfa Laval quick and easy to clean, saving time, cleaning agents and consumption of high-purity water.

Just like the premium Alfa Laval LKH UltraPure pump, the Alfa Laval SolidC UltraPure pump also features an external shaft seal and a semi-open impeller with balance holes. Together with a crevice-free design, these are three key features in ensuring end-product quality.

  • Low contamination risk: comes with full material traceability and USP Class VI elastomers to reduce the risk of process contamination from extractables.
  • Cost-effective operation: consistent performance ensured.
  • Quick and easy maintenance: wear parts changed in just a few minutes.

All Alfa Laval biopharma components are delivered with Q-doc product documentation based upon GDP (good documentation practice). The Q-doc package comprises equipment manuals, factory acceptance tests/performance test, quality and manufacturing procedures, relevant material certificates and the necessary parts and service information.

The Alfa Laval SolidC UltraPure pump range complies with 3A and CE regulations and has EHEDG certification.

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