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Sight Glasses


The strongest, most secure sanitary sight glass indicator available, View Port’s mechanically prestressed windows are available in a sanitary clamp design for sight ports in processing applications or inline visual flow indicators. Unlike some other sight glasses, RF View Port In-line Sight Glasses meet the USP Type 1 standard for pharmaceutical use.

View Ports are manufactured to fit sanitary clamp connections. With simple and fast installation with no risk of breakage, this sleek, compact, one-piece design provides a cleaner look, less bacteria traps and unsurpassed safety. The RF View Port In-line Sight Glasses can be used as a sight glass indicator mounted on a ferrule, a “cross” for inline visual flow indication or as a light port. Many other connection types are also available. Materials available include 2205 Duplex Stainless Steel, Hastelloy®, Monel® and Inconel®.


Approvals & Technical Data
  • USP Class VI (tested to confirm biocompatibility)
  • BPE Compliant and TÜV Approved
  • Sight glass fused to metal conforming to DIN7079
  • Borosilicate glass to USP Type I and DIN7080
  • Standard surface finish of 10 Ra μ-in (0.25μm)
  • Material to ASTM/ASME, TÜV and DIN/EN standards
  • Certificate of Conformity to EN 10204-3.1B or 3.1A
  • Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EG

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