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SP Series Pumps


Harco offers the Ampco SP Series Self-Priming Liquid Ring Pumps are ideally suited for products with entrained air and CIP return applications. Entrained air is the cause of noise, vibration, seal failure, general performance reduction, or eventual pump failure. The ability to handle products with entrained air makes SP pumps extremely efficient for emptying tanks and drums

Designed to handle entrained air conditions, while maintaining specified performance and efficiency levels, the SP centrifugal pumps from Ampco are built with extremely tight manufacturing tolerances. A unique vane-shaped or wagon-wheel style impeller design allows Ampco’s SP liquid ring pumps to handle shear sensitive products efficiently, while maintaining peak pump performance.

SP pumps include a 304 stainless steel adapter to resist corrosion and are in conformance with 3‑A sanitary standards. SP pumps are available with either single or double
external mechanical seals.

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Ampco SP Pumps Seal Kit
Seal Type Pump Model Part Number Description
Single SP210-SP225 GS2600010-SC Single Seal: Silicon carbide / Carbon / Viton (C / N / V)
Single SP210-SP225 GS2600012 Single Seal: Silicon carbide / Silicon carbide / Viton (C / C / V)
Single SP240 GS2600013 Single Seal: Silicon carbide / Carbon / Viton (C / N / V)
Double SP210-SP225 GS2600018-SC Double Seal: Silicon carbide / Carbon / Carbon / Viton (C / N / N / V)
Double SP210-SP225 GS2600020 Double Seal: Silicon carbide / Silicon carbide / Carbon / Viton 586 (C / C / N / V)

Mechanical seal replacement kits include: Mechanical seal, seal gaskets, seal O-rings, and impeller nut gasket
Casing gaskets must be purchased separately
Seal Details: C = silicon carbide N = carbon V = Viton

Ampco SP Pumps Casing Gaskets
SP-210/SP-215 GX80000334 GX80000351 GX80000335
SP-220 GX80000336 GX80000058 GX80000019
SP-225 GX80000363 GX80000361 GX80000362