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F560 Sanitary High Viscosity Pump


F 560 FOOD eccentric worm-drive pump Planetary gear

Harco proudly presents the FLUX F560 FOOD eccentric worm-drive pumps, also known as progressive cavity pumps. These self-priming pumps are designed to handle fluids across a wide spectrum of viscosities, from thin, free-flowing liquids like fruit concentrates to thick, viscous products such as creams and lotions. One of the key benefits of these pumps is their ability to provide smooth flow and gentle handling, making them ideal for shear-sensitive products.

Depending on your application needs, FLUX offers sanitary versions in both horizontal and vertical (top entry) configurations, all with 3A Certification or FDA-compliant materials. Additionally, these pumps are available with bearing flange and planetary gear options, ensuring versatility and reliability for your fluid handling requirements.

Also, these FLUX F560 FOOD sanitary high viscosity pumps are designed for positive displacement and smooth operation at a constant pressure. These pumps ensure gentle, pulsation-free pumping, making them ideal for applications in the food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries.

Specifically crafted to meet industry requirements, the eccentric worm-drive pumps are versatile enough for both mobile and fixed installations. With a simplified assembly of only a few components, these pumps can be easily dismantled, cleaned, and serviced, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum efficiency.

F 560 FOOD eccentric worm-drive pump Bearing flange

FLUX’s F560 pump series features an innovative design where the intake side is automatically sealed by the eccentric worm, allowing for high pressure to be maintained regardless of motor speed.

  • FLUX F560 GS Progressive Cavity Pump: Equipped with a planetary gear, this model is ideal for pumping thin to medium viscosity liquids efficiently.
  • FLUX F560 S Progressive Cavity Pump: Featuring a bearing flange, this pump is perfect for handling highly viscous products and liquids that are just capable of flowing.


FLUX F560 FOOD Sanitary High Viscosity Pump Advantages:
  • Optimal for viscous flowable fluids
  • Also suitable for fluids sensitive to shearing
  • Constant delivery pressure
  • Can be adjusted individually to the fluid properties
  • Delivery rate can be regulated (in combination with frequency-controlled three-phase motor)
  • Delivery rate can easily be calculated
  • Pump is easy to dismantle


FLUX F560 FOOD Sanitary High Viscosity Pump Attributes:
  • Self-priming positive displacement pump
  • Low-turbulence and gentle transport
  • Low-pulsation flow
  • Minimized dead spot areas
  • Comprehensive modular construction system
  • Also available with variable motor speed adjustment (delivery rate proportional to motor speed)
  • Pump/shaft/worm can be easily dismantled without tools


Technical Data
  • delivery rate: 50 litres per minute
  • Immersion lengths: 700/1000/1200 mm
  • Nominal pressure: 8 bar
  • Material: Main material stainless steel, all parts in contact with the medium are certified
  • Pump discharge connection: Clamp 2‘‘

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