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SBI-R00 Cellar Cart


High Shear Inline Mixer

The Ampco SBI-R00 cellar cart is a unique and portable hop blending unit with tremendous advantages over conventional cellar carts when used for fermenter recirculation. The newly designed SBI-R00 blender from Ampco allows small scale brewers the ability to chop hop pellets, improve hop yield and increase surface area, while simultaneously recirculating the fermenter. The process is completed using a 1.5HP motor and VFD which can be operated using 115V single phase power

Decreased tank time, improved flavor profile and increased shelf life, the Ampco SBI-R00 now makes it possible for small batch brewers to enjoy the same benefits of the popular Ampco Rolec DH units.


Ampco SBI-R00 Cellar Cart Specifications
  • 1.5 HP 3500 RPM Motor
  • Available voltages – 115V, 208V, 230V,460V, 575V
  • Up to 40 GPM / 9 m³/hr or 1.3 bbls/min recirculation rate
  • Up to 50 ft. head / 22 psi / 1.5 BAR
  • Input cord available
  • Stainless steel 2 wheel cart
  • Can be used as cellar pump

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