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Unique Control LKB


Harco offers the Alfa Laval Unique Control LKB Automation Unit, an integrated valve control unit and actuator with an enhanced hygienic one-piece design. The Alfa Laval Unique Control LKB automation unit with its built-in actuator offers intelligent control for Alfa Laval LKB butterfly Valves used in all applications.

Reliable and straightforward, this Alfa Laval Unique Control LKB automation solution complements the range of Alfa Laval actuators and control units, making it easy to upgrade existing installations. Highly durable, this Unique Control LKB actuator from Alfa Laval has been tested to perform above one million strokes and is compatible with all major programming logic controller (PLC) systems.

This all-in-one Alfa Laval Unique Control LKB actuator offers superior flow control, hygiene, durability and reliability. IP66/IP67-approved, Alfa Laval’s Unique Control LKB control unit features superior technology, shape and material, which prevent condensation and the penetration of dust, water and other particles into the unit.

This intelligent Alfa Laval Unique Control LKB automation unit and hygienic actuator is designed for superior flow control in dairy, food, beverage, brewery, biotech, pharmaceutical and many other industries.


  • A single, integrated automation solution for Alfa Laval LKB Butterfly Valves
  • Highly durable, reliable, all-in-one actuator
  • Simplified auto setup for butterfly valve control
  • Clearly visible 360° LED indication of valve operation
  • One size actuator fits all LKB butterfly valves
  • Easy upgrade for manual and automated butterfly valves

Standard design

  • An intelligent sensing and control unit engineered as a single, integrated unit
  • Digital or AS-Interface
  • Comes with a matching bracket kit for mounting on butterfly valves in sizes 1” – 4” or DN25 – DN100

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