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VISCOFLUX-family drum unloading systems

BINEM Drum Unloading Systems


For pumping highly viscous products from drums

FLUX drum emptying systems VISCOFLUX are constructed to deliver high viscous substances, which do not flow by themselves.  VISCOFLUX-family drum unloading systems work with FLUX high viscosity liquid pumps. FLUX high viscosity liquid pumps have been used for many years in nearly all industrial sectors worldwide, they are positive displacement pumps, constructed according to the eccentric screw principle for a smooth pumping with very little turbulences.

These VISCOFLUX drum unloading systems from FLUX are specifically designed for emptying containers of high viscosity products such as tomato paste, vaseline, greases and more. All systems have the ability to achieve residual amounts of less than 1% (under 2% for drums with liners). These systems are available for use in hygienic, food, pharmaceutical and industrial applications.

Where the VISCOFLUX lite is ideal for pumping high-viscosity media barely capable of flowing, the VISCOFLUX mobile is capable of pumping those products which are not capable of flowing on their own.

We offer you different drum emptying systems individually designed for your application. Our drum emptying systems must have an air and an electrical connection.


Special features and benefits:
  • Compact, manageable construction for mobile application.
  • Easy to dismantle for thorough cleaning and sterilization.
  • A flexible lip seal guarantees that no products will stay on the wall of the drum and enable an optimized drum emptying.
  • Also, with 3A certificate available.
  • No liquid heating required.
  • Delivery rate max. 40 l/min.

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