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Pressure Gauges & Thermometers


The Industrial Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge is an extremely durable yet accurate all stainless steel industrial pressure gauge with NPT connections.

Insta-Flow Industrial Pressure Gauges are offered in either a 2.5″(63mm), 4″(100mm), or 6″(160mm) dial face. The 2.5″gauges are available with 0.25″NPT connections, 4″gauges are available with either 0.25″or 0.5″NPT, and the 6″gauges are available with 0.5″NPT. These are constructed with a stainless-steel case, socket, tube and movement. They are available in pressure ranges from 30″Hg vacuum (-1 BAR) to 23,000 psi (1600 BAR).

Most Insta-Flow gauges are in stock and can be shipped in a few days.

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