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Harco offers various food-grade sanitary lubricants and sprays from Haynes, McGlaughlin Oil Company, and Moovit, along with our very own CFIA-approved sanitary spray, the HL-7.

Our lubricants are blended from the highest quality ingredients and perform well in a wide range of applications. Most of the lubricants we supply are FDA and CFIA-approved.

Lubricant brands we carry:

  • Haynes Manufacturing Lubricants – LubriFilm, Haynes 500, CIP film
  • Haynes Spray, Homogenizer Oil
  • Petrol Gel
  • C.I.P Lube
  • Moovit Lubricants
  • Harco HL-7
  • Sanitary Food-Grade Lubricants

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