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CB+ Pumps


The CB+ is Ampco’s centrifugal pump with an internal mechanical seal. This pump is designed specifically for brewing and distilling.

It features an internal seal which allows for easy cleaning, prevents pooling on the seal, and permits greater seal pressure with less leaking. It also includes the same shaft collar and threaded impeller nut as the Ampco AC+. The collar clamps down evenly on all sides of the drive shaft, preventing the slight wobble that can occur from set screws.

The impeller pin used on most C-Series pumps is replaced with a threaded impeller nut that secures the impeller in place. Two specialized gaskets are used to seal the shaft and to allow a CIP procedure to clean behind the impeller. Together, the collar and bolted impeller reduce rattling at lower speeds. Contact Harco for your Ampco CB+ Pump or CB+ Pump replacement part inquires.

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