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Filter Housings
with Cartridge Elements



Harco Enterprises offers a wide range of filtration equipment, including Dixon FH-Series Sanitary and Industrial Filter Housings with DF-Series Cartridge Elements. These components are crucial for industries requiring effective filtration to maintain product quality, process efficiency, and equipment protection. Explore the features and benefits of these components and how Harco can fulfill your filtration needs.

Dixon FH-Series Sanitary Filter Housings

  • Designed for industries like food processing, beverage, dairy, wineries and breweries, pharmaceuticals, and biotech.
  • Features high-quality, easy-to-clean materials, easy maintenance, and versatility.

FH-Series Industrial Filter Housings from Dixon

  • Suitable for heavy-duty applications in petrochemical, chemical, and manufacturing industries.
  • Known for its robust design, optimized flow, corrosion resistance, and customization options.

DF-Series Cartridge Elements from Dixon

  • Essential filtration components with superior capabilities.
  • Selection includes String Wound Cartridges, Pleated Cartridges, and Melt-Blown Cartridges, each suited for different applications.

Selecting the right sanitary and industrial filter housing and cartridge elements is vital, considering factors such as fluid type, filtration level, flow rates, operating conditions, and industry standards. Harco Enterprises can assist you in finding the ideal combination for your specific filtration needs. Contact us today for tailored solutions to enhance your operations and meet industry standards.

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