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Harco is a proud supplier of the Tetra Pak® Homogenizers for your dairy and food processing needs.

Tetra Pak® is known for high performance homogenization​​. This homogenizer is designed for engineering excellence that increase cost efficiency and reduce environmental impact, without compromising food safety.

Homogenization is used to achieve a variety of different results: to prevent a cream line and sedimentation in milk products; to improve the viscosity, taste and texture of cream or juice-based drinks, to improve the mouth feel of soy beverages, and to prevent the separation of the whey in yogurt.​

Quick facts

Homogenizer to reduce particle size and improve product quality.

55 to 63,600 l/hr

High or low acid liquid food products. Aseptic or non-aseptic homogenizing. Use as high-pressure pumps, e.g. for powders.

For a quote on a new Tetra Pak® homogenizers or replacement parts for your existing unit, contact Harco at 1-800-361-5361 or 705-743-5361, or with application details.

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