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LKH Multistage Pumps


Alfa Laval LKH Multistage Pump

The Alfa Laval LKH Multistage is designed to 3-A standards and available in two-, three or four-stage models. The LKH Multistage Pumps save space and energy by replacing up to three booster pumps in a line. Suitable for high-pressure applications with low-capacity requirements, and many types of filtration applications.

They withstand system pressures up to 40 bar and deliver differential pressures up to 19 bar at 50 Hz. Designed for Cleaning-in-Place (CIP), and meeting the hygienic requirements of the dairy, food and beverage, personal care, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

The Alfa Laval LKH-110, LKH-110P and LKH-120P pumps are highly efficient multistage centrifugal pumps. Precision-engineered and available with up to four stages, these LKH Multistage Pumps deliver high energy efficiency, increasing process productivity and gentle product handling. Their optimized design, premium motor, tight tolerances and advanced impeller design minimize recirculation and reduce energy consumption.

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