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ZP Series Pumps

AMPCO ZP Series Pumps

The ZP1 pump is considered an industry workhorse. With a proven design, the ZP1 is a simple choice, with 9 models to choose from to do the job. It has a large installed base in both sanitary and non-sanitary applications. With seal modifications like the PTFE double-lip seal, the ZP1 is dedicated to the toughest applications. It’s also well suited for sanitary industrial and chemical applications, and is commonly used in oil, gas and fracking industries. The ZP1 is versatile, durable and resistant to chemical wear, and also conforms to 3A sanitary standards.

The ZP2 Series has a stainless steel gearcase and is built for Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) ability, with enclosed rotor nuts. It’s designed to withstand higher pressures with its large 17-4ph stainless steel shafts. The ZP2 is capable of withstanding pressures of up to 500 PSI and is 3A certified.

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The patented ZP3 is built for Cleaning-in-Place (CIP), without being modified or losing efficiency. The front-loading seals allow for fast and easy maintenance, without maintenance personnel having to disconnect the pump from piping.

The unique rotor case removes all dead zones within the pump, making the ZP3 the top CIP choice in sanitary positive displacement pumps. The ZP3 is EHEDG-certified and conforms to 3A standards and ATEX Directive.

Front-loading seals are located closer to the product flow, offering improved CIP-ability with no disassembly required.

The ZP3 pump is mounted on a ZP2 gear case, including shafts, to maximize parts interchangeability. Existing ZP2 pumps can upgrade to the ZP3 design with new rotors, seals and re-machining the existing rotor case.

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