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Sampling Valves


Harco is now offering the Cipriani Harrison 33 Series Sampling Valves, for applications in the food, dairy, brewery, winery and many other hygienic industries. These stainless-steel hygienic sampling valves excel in both piping systems or tank installations.

Working Principle
Experience seamless sampling with the 33 Series Sampling Valves from Cipriani Harrison, featuring a straightforward quarter-turn handle for quick and easy operations.

Standard Design
These Cipriani Harrison 33 Series Sampling Valves boast a standard design comprising a valve body and plug crafted from premium 304L or 316L stainless steel. The plug undergoes a meticulous process, including hard chrome coating, precision grinding and lapping, ensuring not only leak-proof performance but also effortless functionality.

Trust in Harco for superior quality and reliability in your sanitary sampling needs.


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