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F/FP 430 Sealed Barrel Pump


Harco is proud to offer the FLUX F/FP 430 FOOD barrel pump, featuring a mechanical seal that works based on the principle of an axial-flow propeller pump. This efficient design includes a drive motor and pump unit. Via a clutch, the motor drives the drive shaft which has a propeller-like impellor attached to its end. Delivery by the pump requires that the impellor is completely covered with the fluid. The fluid is transferred axially due to the rotation, i.e., towards the pump discharge along the pump shaft.

In the FLUX F/FP 430 FOOD sealed barrel pump, the mechanical seal effectively isolates the inner tube from the fluid, preventing any fluid from getting into the inner tube. The shaft is exposed to the fluid only at the impeller, ensuring optimal performance.

Versatile and reliable, this universal FLUX F/FP 430 sealed barrel pump can be used for various media and is suitable for conveying fluids from drums, totes, IBCs and tanks. Designed for convenience, the pump can be quickly and easily disassembled into its two main components. Distinct feature, only at FLUX: The inner tube is reinforced with a metal core on plastic models (PP and PVDF). Ensuring the mechanical seal functions perfectly, this design prevents leaks and minimizes wear across the entire operating temperature range. Furthermore, it provides highest stability and makes immersion lengths of up to 118 in (3000 mm) possible.

For specialized applications, the stainless steel and Hastelloy C versions are certified for use in hazardous areas. Additionally, the stainless steel version is available with FOOD certification, ensuring it meets the highest standards for food safety.

Examples of media  – acids, alkalis, flavors and spirits. Models can be used in mobile and fixed installations.

FLUX F/FP 430 FOOD Sealed Barrel Pump Advantages
  • Explosion-proof for transfer of alcohols
  • One pump for various fluids
  • Several pumps may be driven by one motor
  • Insensitive to solids in the fluid
  • Easy to dismantle (except for mechanical seal)
  • Fluids can be changed quickly
  • Short changeover times
  • Can be carried by one person
  • Use with valves possible (e.g., flap valves)


FLUX F/FP 430 FOOD Sealed Barrel Pump Attributes
  • Utilizes a mechanical seal for sealing the inner tube
  • Pump can be disassembled into two parts (inner tube with shaft, mechanical seal and impellor and outer tube)
  • Can be taken apart into main components easily and quickly for cleaning
  • Steel cord inner tube on PP and PVDF models
  • Versions for use in hazardous areas available
  • FOOD version available
  • Grease-lubricated shaft bearing
  • For volatile fluids
  • Pulsation-free delivery
  • Delivery against closed valve possible (e.g., pump nozzle)
  • Low weight
  • Can be combined with various motors as required
  • Also available with variable motor speed adjustment
  • Ideal for frequent medium changes, hardening
  • media, fast drying media, crystallizing media
  • Compared to seal-less pump higher service life on abrasive media
  • Very quiet operation with low vibration
  • Version in stainless steel and Hastelloy C can be used in hazardous areas
  • FOOD version conforms to EC 1935/2004 and FDA CFR 21


Technical Data
  • Flow Rate: max 63 GPM
  • Delivery Head: max 98 ft
  • delivery rate: 240 litres per minute
  • Viscosity: <1 – 1200 cPs
  • Outer Tube Diameter: 40 mm – 50 mm
  • Standard Immersion Lengths: 27, 39, 47, 60 in (700, 1000, 1200, 1500 mm)
  • Materials of Construction: Polypropylene, Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Hastelloy
  • Temperatures to 248°F (120°C)
  • Pump discharge connection: Clamp 1½‘‘
  • Fluid Examples: Acids, Alkalis, Petroleum products, Flammables, Solvents, Fuels, Aqueous salt solutions, Aggressive chemicals
  • Seal: mechanically sealed
  • Containers: Small containers, Hobbocks, 55 Gal Drums, totes, IBCs

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