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Rotary Spray Heads


The Alfa Laval Rotary Spray Head tank cleaning devices are a free-rotating spinner that uses low volumes of cleaning media at low pressure for effective cleaning. Alfa Laval Rotary Spray Heads improve tank cleaning efficiency, using less water, less energy and less cleaning media than static spray balls. This reduces the total cost of ownership and speeds the cleaning process, enabling more production uptime.

Rotary spray heads from Alfa Laval deliver tank coverage, using a revolving flat fan spray delivering moderate-level impact in a repeatable pattern. Designed according to the most stringent hygienic standards, these provide Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) for vessels used in hygienic processing lines across the dairy, food, beverage, home-personal care, and biotech and pharmaceutical industries.

Engineered for use in the hygienic industries, Toftejorg rotary spray heads from Alfa Laval are highly efficient tank-cleaning offer exceptional cleanability, better end-product quality, greater overall output and reduced operating costs.

Available in various sizes and different configurations covering any tank size.

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