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Unique RV-ST Valves


Harco offers the Alfa Laval Unique RV-ST Valves, a intelligent hygienic regulating valve that safely and effectively controls process flows with Kv values between 9 and 246 m3/hour. It’s designed for a wide range of fluid-handling duties, such as metering, blending, weighing and filling system duties, in the dairy, food and beverage, brewery, biotech and pharmaceutical and chemicals industries.

Corrosion-free features, such as tapered stainless steel stems, ensure product safety according to EHEDG guidelines. With a push of a button, the Unique RV-ST regulating valve from Alfa Laval automatically calibrates itself so that it’s fully operational.

Built on the proven single seat valve platform, which has an installed base of more than one million valves, the Alfa Laval RV-ST UltraPure offers the same reliability, safety and ease of maintenance. And it offers protection class IP65 and IP67 for tough process environments.

Alfa Laval Unique RV-ST Valves use the same few moveable components, spare parts and maintenance tools and procedures as Alfa Laval’s Unique SSV valves. Using the upgrade kit available, it’s possible to upgrade older regulating valves with the new control unit. The new control unit also supports rebuild of the actuator from NC (Normally Closed) to NO (Normally Open) and vice versa.

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Unique RV-ST Regulating Valve - Shut-Off
Material Description 1.5″ 2″ 2.5″ 3″ 4″
EPDM Service Kit 9611926502 9611926503 9611926504 9611926505 9611926506
HNBR Service Kit 9611926508 9611926509 9611926510 9611926511 9611926512
FPM Service Kit 9611926514 9611926515 9611926516 9611926517 9611926518
  Actuator Service Kit  9611926500 9611926500 9611926500 9611926500 9611926500

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