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Industrial Pumps


Harco offers a wide range of non-sanitary Ampco Industrial Centrifugal Pumps to fit distinctive and demanding conditions. These heavy-duty, high performance centrifugal pumps are offered in a nickel aluminum bronze, 316 stainless steel and Duplex 2205 stainless steel construction.

Each series delivers product performance longevity and corrosion resistance due to their robust designs and being manufactured from only quality materials with a wide range of alloy options.

Ampco’s industrial centrifugal pumps are designed and ideal for applications, such as:

  • Chemical Transfer
  • HVAC Cooling Tower Water Circulation
  • High Purity Wastewater Transfer
  • Injection Molding Housing Cooling
  • Ethanol and Diesel Fuel
  • Hot Oil (Non-Food Grade)
  • Semi Truck Wash Stations
  • Wastewater Treatment (Effluent Side)
  • Fire Suppression Foaming products

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