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Unique Mixproof Valves


Introducing the Alfa Laval Unique Mixproof CP-3 Valves: versatile and highly efficient solutions designed to safeguard product integrity across all processing scenarios. These valves are meticulously engineered to optimize floor space utilization, minimize CIP consumption, and reduce downtime.

Design and Performance

Lightweight yet robust, they offer configurable options to meet diverse operational needs while adhering to the latest efficiency and sustainability standards. Whether managing fluids at intersection points in valve-matrix or piped systems, these Alfa Laval Unique Mixproof CP-3 Valves deliver unparalleled performance. Ensuring the safe and efficient flow of fluids throughout your processing operations.

Innovative Design

Based on the well proven and exceptionally versatile principle of the Alfa Laval Unique Mixproof Valves, Harco offers a solution that facilitates the simultaneous flow of two distinct products or fluids through the same valve. This innovative design ensures the safe handling of one product while facilitating seat-lift cleaning operations in another portion of the valve, all without any risk of cross-contamination.

Hygiene and Standards

These Alfa Laval Unique Mixproof CP-3 Valves ensure impeccable spillage-free operation, meeting stringent hygienic standards such as the 3-A Sanitary Standards, the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance, and the seat lift requirements set by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Benefits and Customization

With its modular design and extensive customization options, these Alfa Laval Unique Mixproof CP-3 Valves can be tailored to suit any process requirement and provides low total cost of ownership. It optimizes floor space utilization while drastically reducing downtime and Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) media consumption, ensuring maximum operational efficiency.

Applications for the Alfa Laval Unique Mixproof CP-3 Valves

Engineered for continuous flow management in hygienic processes prioritizing product safety, the Alfa Laval Unique Mixproof CP-3 Valves are a trusted choice across various industries, including dairy, food, beverage and many other industries.


  • Gentle product handling, enhanced product safety
  • Cost-effective, spillage-free operation
  • Optimized plant efficiency and enhanced cleanability
  • Leakage detection and leakage chamber cleaning
  • Fully configurable to fit your exact needs

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