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Shutter Valves

Alfa Laval Shutter Valves

Koltek shutter valve

The Koltek valve is a manually or pneumatically operated valve, designed for use in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries where valves of sanitary design are needed.

A PTFE shutter is operated by means of a handle or an actuator. A spring system presses the shutter against the inside cylindrical surface of the valve body, thus ensuring complete tightness.

The air actuated valve can be fitted with ThinkTop® or a laterally-fitted indication unit for remote indication of the valve position. The manually-operated valve can be fitted with laterally indication units (used for LKLA actuators). The actuator for the valve comes in two versions: single acting or double acting.

The single acting actuator operates with one main piston, whereas the double acting actuator operates with two main pistons. Koltek parts are available.

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