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Harco Enterprises offers a wide range of sanitary and hygienic processing equipment and supplies from world leading manufacturers such as Alfa Laval, Ampco, Tetra Pak, Burkert, Tri-Clover, Remco, Vikan, Carlisle, Haynes, Strahman, and more.

At Harco, we are completely committed to our customers and to continuously delivering high quality, functional equipment when you need it. From pumps, sanitary valves, separators, homogenizers, stainless fittings, sanitary hoses, gauges and instrumentation, we are able to supply equipment for your complete processing system.

Many of our products are customized in design due to strict sanitary and hygienic standards, and all are built to stand up to the demands of these high production environments. Resourcefulness and quick delivery are important to you, and Harco always provides both.

What are you interested in?

Browse our line of products below and let our expertise help you decide what model is right for your development.


Heat Exchangers

Homogenizers & Separators

Tetra Pak Homogenizer and Separator

Lubricants Sprays

Assortment of Sanitary Lubricant and Lubrication sprays



Gaskets & Fittings

Color Coded Brushes & Products


Mixer & Blenders

Filters & Strainers

Stainless Steel Pails, Utensils & Sinks

Sight Glasses

Sanitary Hoses

Drum Unloading System

Cleaning & Wash Down Equipment


Trusted By Leading Brands

Harco partners with leading manufacturers in the industry to bring you an innovative range of sanitary and hygienic processing equipment and supplies. With experience in design, manufacturing and support, our partners are selected for their quality, reliability, and advanced products.

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