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SX Series Pumps


Harco presents these premium Alfa Laval SX rotary lobe pumps, designed with a unique multi-lobe rotor geometry. This advanced design ensures low pulsation and gentle pumping, making it the ideal choice for transporting sensitive products that require minimal shearing.

Whether you’re working in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, health and beauty, or demanding food applications, these Alfa Laval SX rotary lobe pumps guarantee the gentle handling necessary for maintaining the integrity of your process fluids in both hygienic and ultra-clean environments. Choose the Alfa Laval SX positive displacement pump for reliable, efficient, and gentle fluid transportation in your most critical applications.

The Alfa Laval SX Rotary Lobe Pumps, approved by EHEDG, is expertly designed for both Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) and Sterilization-in-Place (SIP) processes. Engineered to deliver peak performance while minimizing contamination risks.

Alfa Laval SX Rotary Lobe pump features:
  • A low-profile rotor nut for optimal hygiene
  • Hygienic front-loading mechanical seals
  • Defined compression front cover sealing
  • A fully-drainable pump head with a 3° fall angle
  • Sanitary or ultra-clean surface finishes

Choose the Alfa Laval SX pump for superior hygienic performance in your critical processes.

Available in 14 different models, Alfa Laval’s SX Rotary Lobe positive displacement pumps can handle a variety of viscosity and temperature requirements and flow rates.

Alfa Laval’s SX Rotary Lobe Pumps are also available in the Alfa Laval SX UltraPure version, designed to use on wide ranging applications within the food and dairy processors, food and beverage service, pharmaceutical, brewing, fisheries, and other industries.

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Alfa Laval SX Stainless Steel Pump
Alfa Laval SX Stainless Steel Pump

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