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DuraCirc Series Pumps


Harco presents the Alfa Laval DuraCirc® and Alfa Laval DuraCirc® Aseptic circumferential piston pumps for hygienic and aseptic applications. They deliver the perfect balance of durability, reliability, high efficiency and superior hygienic performance. Combined with a broad range of flow rates and pressures along with capabilities for simple service, both will keep your processes up and running.

Pump performance, hygienic design and ease of service are essential to hygienic processes.

Yet manufacturers in the dairy, food, beverage, confectionery, and home-personal care industries often must sacrifice one essential to achieve another. Not anymore. The Alfa Laval DuraCirc® and Alfa Laval DuraCirc® Aseptic circumferential ­­­piston pumps (CPP) deliver it all – high volumetric efficiency, EHEDG and 3-A conformance, and quick and easy service. The DuraCirc® Aseptic Pump from Alfa Laval is engineered for aseptic process applications in the dairy, food and beverage industries, primarily for packaging where extended shelf life is required.

Alfa Laval’s DuraCirc® Series pumps have a cost-effective pump selection offering a broad application scope, consisting of 13 models, capable of flow rates up to 150 m3/hr (660 gpm) and pressures of 40 bar (580 psi). And the Alfa Laval DuraCirc® Aseptic Series pumps have a cost-effective pump selection, comes in five models, capable of flow rates up to 103 m3/h (453 gpm) and pressures up to 25 bar (363 psi).

Simplify service in terms of complexity and time with user-friendly features including a truly front-loading, self-setting single mechanical seal, use of a single long-life oil lubricant, and external shimming.


  • Optimized for high volumetric efficiency, ensuring cost-effective pump selection and high product quality
  • Hygienic design compliant with global standards, including EHEDG and 3-A
  • Reliable, long-term operation thanks to durable, robust, heavy-duty, all-stainless-steel construction
  • Easy to service and maintain with fully interchangeable spare parts
  • Alfa Laval DuraCirc® Pumps have high process flexibility and reduced capital costs due to the broad range of model sizes, flow rates and pressures
  • Alfa Laval DuraCirc® Aseptic pumps are truly aseptic with the ability to provide a steam barrier on all interfaces between the product media and the outside atmosphere

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Alfa Laval DuraCirc Pump
Alfa Laval DuraCirc Pump

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